Terms and Conditions



Cactus Equipment Rental, LLC


We offer services and equipment requested by Customer under the following Conditions:

All tools and equipment are used at renter's risk. We exercise precaution in keeping our equipment in good condition. Conditions which prevent satisfactory operation of equipment do not relieve renter of responsibility for rental charges.

Renter assumes all responsibility for equipment while out of possession of lessor and promises to return such equipment to the lessor in as good condition as it was at the effective date of delivery, natural wear from a responsible use expected. Renter shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction of rented property.

Renter assumes all risks inherent in the operation and use of rented equipment by renter and all associates. Renter aggress to assume entire responsibility for and hold lessor harmless from and release lessor from all claims for damage to property or bodily injury of possession of rented equipment whether or nor it be claims or found that such damage resulted in which or in part from lessor's negligence from the defective condition or rented equipment or from any cause.

All equipment lost or damaged beyond repair will be paid for by the renter at the regular replacement price and all damaged equipment which may be repaired will be completed by the lessor on return thereof and the cost for such repairs shall be paid by the renters. Accrued rental charges can not be applied against the purchase price or cost of repairs of such damaged or lost equipment.

Scheduled rental rates begin when equipment leaves our yard and continues until returned or we are notified to stop rental.

The terms of payment for each order shall be net cash in 30 days from the date of invoice. As the renter on the order(s) , you do hereby certify that you have full authority to obtain these services and/or supplies. As the renter or purchaser, you certify that you have examined the equipment, tools and/or supplies and found them in good serviceable condition and accept them with that understanding.

Cactus Equipment Rental, LLC